Hayley’s Client Wants to Drive Sales of Her New Cookbook That’s About Gluten–free Desserts. if Hayley Sets up A Display Network Campaign that Targets Potential Customers Using Keywords and Topics and The “target and Bid” Setting, Her Client’s Ads Can Show When:

Hayley’s client wants to drive sales of her new cookbook that’s about gluten–free desserts. If Hayley sets up a Display Network campaign that targets potential customers using keywords and topics and the “Target and bid” setting, her client’s ads can show when:

  • the keywords and topics match
  • only the keywords match
  • the keywords and bid match
  • only the topics match

Right Answer:

  • the keywords and topics match


When you get to bid on your keyword in your Ad Campaigns, you need to choose the keyword match type, which defines how aggressively you want it to match to your ads to Google Ads. In general, there are 4 different keyword match types to choose in Google Ads. Whenever you are creating a text ad in your PPC campaigns, you can select any one of the following keyword match types.

  • Broad Match
  • Modified Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match

Each keyword match type has their advantages and disadvantages, so you should be careful while you select one for your PPC Ad campaigns in Google Ads. But one thing is that match types can have a major impact on your ad campaign’s performance. There are a few key components which are to be considered as you determine which match type to use for each keyword. Those are listed below.

  • Performance – how a keyword or other similar keywords can give your insights to help you in getting more ROI.
  • Competitors – Looking at your competitors’ bids and structure their own accounts to see their keywords performance.
  • Bids – CPC are heavily impacted by bids.

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