If an Advertiser Chooses to Run Ads in Image Formats, Google Will:

If an advertiser chooses to run ads in image formats, Google will:

  • display these ads on the Search Network
  • display these ads on the Display Network
  • require that cost–per–thousand impressions (CPM) bidding be used
  • charge an additional fee to serve these ads

Right Answer:

  • display these ads on the Display Network



When it comes to advertisements, there are quite a few types of those which the advertisers take help of while promoting their products or services. Advertisements vary in size, look and the environment where those need to be posted. Coming to the types of advertisements, every section is different than one another.

The different types of advertisement campaigns are as follows:

  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Search Network Only
  • Display Network Only
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal App etc.

As the question suggests, the advertiser chooses to run only advertisements in image formats. When that is the case, the advertiser’s ads will be slotted in the Display Network type of campaigns. Since there is no real description added to the promotions, the advertisements will be categorically placed in the Display Network only. This type of placement has its own specifications as well.

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