If You’d Like Users to Fill in A Survey on Your Website, Which Marketing Objective Do You Need to Select when Setting up Your Display Campaign?

If you’d like users to fill in a survey on your website, which marketing objective do you need to select when setting up your Display campaign?

  • You don’t need to select marketing objective in this case
  • Drive action
  • Build awareness
  • Influence consideration

Right Answer:

  • Drive action



In general, there are three types of marketing objectives as follows.

  • Build Awareness
  • Drive Action
  • Influence Consideration

All of these Marketing objectives will ease your decision making and guides you to the specific features which are designed to work best for some particular goals. If you want users to fill a survey then you should select the Drive action marketing objective and then set your campaign as you see the features that are suited to this objective.

You have to use the Drive action objective when you want to find the customers very close to making a purchase decision. When you are about to sell an established product or service you are going to need this Drive Action marketing objective.

Features that start the purchasing or conversion process, such as remarketing and Conversion Optimizer bidding will come under this Marketing Objective.

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