In Your Next Campaign You’d Like to Show Images of Your Products in Your Ads. What Campaign Type Do You Choose?

In your next campaign you’d like to show images of your products in your ads. What campaign type do you choose?

  • Search Network
  • Search Network with Display opt-in
  • Display Network
  • Video Network

Right Answer:

  • Display Network


The Google Display Network will be able to help you reach people even when they are browsing their favorite websites, showing a friend a youtube video, checking their Gmail account, checking their mobile devices and apps. This Google Display network is designed to help you find the right audience for your ads.

Google Display Network will make sure that marketers and agencies are armed with the best tools to help you plan, create, buy and target, and measure and optimize your campaigns.

  • Massive Scale
  • Measurable Performance and Maximised Results
  • Contextual Engine
  • Custom Networks through Effective Targeting
  • Transparency, Actionable Insights and Value through Auction

This Display Network’s targeting options let you strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time. You can find new customers or engage existing customers using the audiences. Also, you can get to drive more conversions using the automation.

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