James Is Marketing an Online Training Course and Wants to Improve His Campaign Performance. He Analyzes the Conversion-Tracking Data and Realizes Most Course Registrations Are Coming from Atlanta, Ga. What Should He Do?

James is marketing an online training course and wants to improve his campaign performance. He analyzes the conversion-tracking data and realizes most course registrations are coming from Atlanta, GA. What should he do?

  • Run remarketing campaigns only in that region
  • Lower the bid for inventory targeting that region
  • Buy more ad inventory in that region
  • Limit the number of times an individual in that region sees the ad

Right Answer:

  • Buy more ad inventory in that region



Display Inventory can come from any of the two sources: AdSense or Double click Ad Exchange. AdSense publishers are the primary source of inventory, serving text, display and video ads from the Google Ads on their sites. Whereas the select inventory from the Google Display Network is also a part of the Google network.

  • All advertisers who are opted into the Display network will have the access to the Double Click Ad Exchange inventory.
  • This will allows your ad to appear on numerous Double click Ad Exchange publisher sites in addition to these sites which are available through Google Ad Sense.

Ad Publishers always determine the type and size of the ads they will allow in their site. Based on their points, Google will deliver the ads relevant to their content through the Placement targeting or contextual targeting.

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