Managed Placements Allow Advertisers To:

Managed placements allow advertisers to:

  • give Google the ability to select placements for them and set industry–appropriate bids
  • bid differently for specific placements on the Display Network
  • exclude a specific ad unit on a network page where there are multiple ad units
  • target relevant placements across the entire Display Network based on their keyword lists

Right Answer:

  • bid differently for specific placements on the Display Network


A Targeting method is for you to use it specifically to choose websites, videos, and apps which are part of the Google Display Network where you would like to show your ads. Unlike other targeting methods such as keywords or topics, you select managed placements yourself.

  • Managed Placements is an optional feature which can help you have more control over the web pages, videos, and apps in the Display network and where you want to show them.
  • If you know of a website where your customers spend time, you can often add it as a managed placement.
  • You can use managed placements if you use “Display Network only” or “Search Network with Display Select” campaign types.

You can use these managed placements to assign a unique bid to a specific webpage. If your ad performs well when it shows on a certain webpage then you could just add it as a managed placement and can set a higher bid for that ad.

By adding the placement using the “Bid only” setting, you can make your bid more competitive just for that particular placement, and still show on other placements based on additional targeting methods, such as keywords and topics.

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