The Dynamic Remarketing Tag Collects Data Such As:

The dynamic remarketing tag collects data such as:

  • affinity group characteristics
  • business ID numbers of visitors
  • types of pages viewed
  • number of code snippets

Right Answer:

  • types of pages viewed


With the help of the Dynamic Remarketing feature, Google will be able to create dynamic ads which include of the price, image, and text of your choice based on your website’s previous and present customers so that the reach can be to the most of the users.

  • In this way, you can reach your customers with the total focus on your products
  • Show the product description in the type of content when they see your ad or view your website.

You have to set up a customized remarketing tag to your website which will pull all the information of the products and provide it to the Google which in turn match these Products to your Google Merchant feed center and use those product descriptions and power your Dynamic Ads.

But to implement this remarketing tag to your website you need to take some coding knowledge or some other developer who is more into JavaScript.

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