True or False: An Advertiser Can Target Mobile Apps via Google Ads

True or False: An advertiser can target mobile apps via Google Ads.

  • False
  • True

Right Answer:

  • True


Reaching to a growing audience of people using mobile phones and tablets by showing your ads in mobile apps. The Display Network campaigns show your ads to the audience in apps by default as they are specifically designed for the placement. If the placement matches with the target then the ad is displayed.

If you’re already using a Display campaign to show your ads in apps, and those ads are performing well, you may want to create a campaign that targets apps exclusively.

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click Campaigns in the page menu, click the “plus” button, then select the New campaign.
  • Choose a goal for your campaign, select “Display” as a campaign type, then click “Continue”.
  • Click on the Additional settings.
  • Click the “Devices” option from the list, then select Set specific targeting for devices.
  • Unselect the boxes next to “Computers,” “Mobile web,” and “Tablet web.”
  • Apply additional settings to your campaign as needed.
  • Click on the “Create Campaign” at last.

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