View–through Conversions Are Available only To:

View–through conversions are available only to:

  • advertisers that have opted in to the Search Network
  • advertisers that have implemented conversion tracking
  • advertisers that are running video ads
  • advertisers that have implemented target CPA bidding

Right Answer:

  • advertisers that have implemented conversion tracking


The tracking of complete activities such as a purchase, sign-up or subscribing to the website by the user on any website is called as a Conversion tracking which is generally considered as the final goal for any client as the performance of the business will be improved by more conversions through their ad campaigns.

The main purpose of the conversion tracking is to define the success rate of an ad campaign and to track the following actions.

  • Purchase
  • Sign-up
  • Subscribing to E-mail updates
  • Landing page
  • Adding any product to a cart or making payment etc.

When a user clicks on an ad or performs any action, it will fire a cookie on the user’s browser which will start recording time, site, banners, placement i.e, all of the information required to capture a conversion.

After that, the conversions recorded will directly reach the marketing company or network who gave the ad impression.

Conversions can be tracked by adding a JavaScript code to the web site’s code on the advertiser’s preferred page or place. Also, there are different types of conversion trackings namely View-through Conversion and Click through conversion.

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