What Is Your Advertising Objective if You’ve Just Launched a Product and Would Like to Show Your Ads to A Varied Group of Consumers?

What is your advertising objective if you’ve just launched a product and would like to show your ads to a varied group of consumers?

  • Influence consideration
  • Drive loyalty
  • Build awareness
  • Drive action

Right Answer:

  • Build awareness



There will be a lot of options for you to choose when you create a Google Display Network campaign. So it is natural to get confused about using those options according to your needs. To resolve this issue, Google ads have introduced the marketing objective which will ease your decision making by guiding you to the specific features designed to work best for a particular goal.

You can think of the following types of Marketing Objectives as the guideposts which helps you to create your won campaign efficiently and effectively.

  • Build Awareness
  • Influence Consideration
  • Drive Action

Get started by selecting your marketing objective for the ad campaign you are creating and then proceed to select one or more sub-options. You might identify the objective “Drive Action” and then select “Call your Business“. So, after you create the ad campaign you will the optional and exclusive features like call extensions which exactly suited to this objective.

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