When Planning a Campaign, the First Thing an Advertiser Thinks About Should Be:

When planning a campaign, the first thing an advertiser thinks about should be:

  • the advertiser’s goals
  • the advertiser’s daily budget
  • the tools available to build a display ad
  • the tools available to optimize the campaign

Right Answer:

  • the advertiser’s goals



There are mainly five steps to plan a display campaign which are mentioned below step-wise.

1. Identify your Goals: Identifying your goals upfront will help you to plan better and help to implement your Goals during your display campaign.

2. Find your Target Audience: Finding the potential customers across thousands of the publisher website will be difficult which will be made easier to you by the Google Targeting technologies which can help you determine which sites would be most relevant for your campaigns, allowing you to connect with your customers when and where it matters.

  • Targeting based on a web page’s content
  • Hand Picking Sites
  • Defining relevant concepts on handpicked sites
  • Optimizing by demographic, location, and time
  • Excluding irrelevant content and sites
  • Managing Frequency of ad impressions

3. Create your own Custom Display Ad: Use Google Ad’s Gallery and customize an Ad and upload it on your own.

4. Set your Bids and Budget: With Google, you only pay what an ad is worth to you. In our unique pricing model, every ad is an auction; you bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click or an impression.

5. Understand performance tools and features: Google Ads offers several tools and features to help you evaluate and manage the performance of your display campaigns.

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