Where Can You Place a Client’s Image and Video Ads?

Where can you place a client’s image and video ads?

  • On the Search Network only
  • On the Search and Display Networks
  • On the Search Network and YouTube
  • On the Display Network only

Right Answer:

  • On the Display Network only



The Google Display Network (GDN) can help your users to find your business while they are browsing the web, watching videos on YouTube, checking their Gmail, or using any mobile devices or apps installed from Google Play Store. This is designed to help you find the right audience in the online marketing platform.

There are targeting options in this Google Display Network which let you show your ads to potential customers at the right place and at right time in a strategic manner.

  • You can find new customers or you can even engage existing customers by using audiences.
  • You can even drive more conversions using automation.

That is, similar audiences and in-market audiences allow you to target people who are interested in products or businesses which are related to your business. You can also use the data such as remarketing lists to re-engage your previous customers. Also, automated targeting helps you to get more conversions by finding a potential group of audiences based on your existing audiences and your website’s landing page.

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