Which Practice Would Violate Google’s Editorial and Professional Requirements?

Which practice would violate Google’s editorial and professional requirements?

  • Directing people to a page other than the advertiser’s homepage
  • Including a border on the ad
  • Including a question mark in the headline
  • Showing a ValueTrack tag in the text

Right Answer:

  • Showing a ValueTrack tag in the text



You need to note one thing that all Conversions are equal as some are worth to your business more than others. If you get to assign values to your conversions then you will be able to see the total driven value across different conversions. This will also allow you to identify and focus on high-value conversions.

You can assign some value to your conversion of a certain action by using the conversion tracking. There are many benefits with conversion values to help you track and optimize your ad campaigns’ Return of Investment (ROI). All of those benefits are mentioned and listed below.

  • Better Insight: You can measure total Conversion value generated by your campaigns’ conversion with which you can track your campaigns’ ROI by using the “Conversion Value/Cost” column. You can also use this data to identify the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that show high or low ROI.
  • Smarter Bidding: You can use target return on ad spend bid strategy which is always referred to as ROAS strategy which helps to maximize your conversion value while averaging your target return on ad spend.

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