Which Remarketing List Segment Will Typically Have the Highest Volume of Viewers?

Which remarketing list segment will typically have the highest volume of viewers?

  • Product page visitors
  • Homepage visitors
  • Category page visitors
  • Past converters

Right Answer:

  • Homepage visitors



If your site is tagged, then you should be focussing on your remarketing lists based on how someone has interacted with your website or app. You are needed to create different lists based on each customer’s journey through your website or app so that you can be able to target them with your bids or ads.

  • Being able to identify the customer’s purchase journey can also determine how valuable they are which can be resulted in more effective targetting and messaging that accurately will reflect their needs.
  • A remarketing list is a subset of your site visitors who are segmented by their own on-site activities.

If you use Google Analytics, you can create advanced remarketing lists. While we recommend limiting your total number of lists, this strategy can help you serve more tailored messages to different customer segments or personas. As an alternative to the category page viewers segment, some companies use a “Search Results viewers” segment.

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