Which Report Should Advertisers Run to See Which Display Network Properties Displayed Their Ads and View Associated Statistics?

Which report should advertisers run to see which Display Network properties displayed their ads and view associated statistics?

  • Reach and frequency
  • Ad performance
  • Placement performance
  • Impression share

Right Answer:

  • Placement performance


One can be able to view the detailed statistics in Google Ads to evaluate the performance of your display ads with the ads& extensions and Placements pages.

You can even check to see if your ads are running or paused on the Ads & Extensions page. For this, just follow the below steps to proceed further.

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click on the “Display Campaigns” option in the Navigation panel.
  • Then click on the “Ads & Extensions” in the page menu.
  • You can view your ad status in the “Status” column on that page.

There are other new tools which can also be used to analyze the performance of your ad in the Google Ads which are briefly explained below.

  • Reports – This will allow you to create various charts or tables to view the performance data. These reports can also be saved for future references.
  • Pre-defined Reports – These will let you view the basic performance data from a selected set of metrics.
  • Dashboards – These are designed to analyze all the data at one place by dragging in charts and tables which are created by reports.

For more information: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2404178?hl=en

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