You Have a Friend Who Has a Small Business, and She Wants to Manage Her Own Google Ads Campaign. She Has No Experience with Google Ads and Would Like to Experiment with Different Options. Which Campaign Type Would You Recommend to Start?

You have a friend who has a small business, and she wants to manage her own Google Ads campaign. She has no experience with Google Ads and would like to experiment with different options. Which campaign type would you recommend to start?

  • Search Network
  • Display Network with Search opt-in
  • Search Network with Display opt-in
  • Display Network

Right Answer:

  • Search Network with Display opt-in


You can tailor your Campaign by just adjusting your Campaign Settings, which will be applied to all the ads within the same campaign if you update them once. The type of campaign you choose determines which campaign setting are available to you to change.

There are settings available to you like Campaign Name, Campaign Type, Networks, Devices, Location and Languages, Bidding and Budgets and ad Extensions. Also, you are given some additional settings which will help you to optimize your campaign. They are:

  • Schedule: Set a campaign start and end date.
  • Ad scheduling: Choose certain days or hours of the week for your ads to show.
  • Ad delivery: By default, AdWords shows your ads when they’re more likely to get clicks or conversions, but you can choose to show your ads more evenly throughout the day.

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