You’d Like to Show Your Ads to Customers Who Live in A Specific Region or Country and Speak German. Which Targeting Method Can You Use?

You’d like to show your ads to customers who live in a specific region or country and speak German. Which targeting method can you use?

  • Device targeting
  • Location and language targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Audience targeting

Right Answer:

  • Location and language targeting


Targeting your ads with a specific factor such as Language or Location or Device is an essential part of successful advertising for your campaign. You may have designed the perfect ad, but you need it to show to the right audience at the perfect time for you to reach your goal faster. Google Ads offers different ways of targeting your ads.

  • Location Targetting is setting that helps you show your ads to customers in a selected geographic location similarly the Language targetting is also a setting which will help you to display your ads to customers of a selected language.
  • For each ad campaign, you can select the Language and Location to target your advertisement to that audience itself.

You can choose locations such as entire countries, areas within a country like cities or territories, and even a radius around a location, or your Google My Business locations, for your ads to show. Google Ads may also suggest related locations that you can choose to target based on your current settings.

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