Your Client Alexa, Who Sells Wedding Accessories, Is Running a Text Ad on The Display Network. What Might Google Automatically Include in Her Ads?

Your client Alexa, who sells wedding accessories, is running a text ad on the Display Network. What might Google automatically include in her ads?

  • A quotation about falling in love
  • A map showing her business location
  • A promotion from a related business, like a bakery
  • A photo of a bride

Right Answer:

  • A photo of a bride


If you want to reach people with easily edited messaging while they are browsing sites or using apps, create text ads. You can always run new text ads by either creating responsive ads or expanded text ads. To boost your impact, text ads on Display may automatically show in more visual formats. Here are the 2 general categories of these formats:

  • Native Formats
  • Image Formats

1. Native Formats: This type of text ad format will integrate with the look, feel and content of a publisher’s site. Text ads on Display can run as native ads, adjusting their fonts, colors, and design to the sites they show on. Your text may also be shortened in native formats.

2. Image Formats: To help improve the performance of text ads, we may supplement them with your logo found in your Google+ or Google Ads accounts, or with images from other third-party sources. If you have a favicon available on your website, Google Ads will add it to your text ad, alongside the visible URL.

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