Your Client Has a Cupcake Shop in A Hard–to–find Alley in San Francisco. She’s Advertising on The Display Network. What’s the Best Way to Help People Find Her?

Your client has a cupcake shop in a hard–to–find alley in San Francisco. She’s advertising on the Display Network. What’s the best way to help people find her?

  • Add a location extension to her ad
  • Add a map showing her location to her ads
  • Advertise on the Search Network as well as the Display Network
  • Prominently feature her street address in bold text

Right Answer:

  • Add a location extension to her ad


At times, a particular promotion about a product or a service needs that extra bit of information. Tracing down the path of the store or the details about the specific advertiser isn’t always easy.

Regarding the same, there is quite a bit of detail where we can add that particular type of information in the very advertisement.

Those extra options are known as the advertisement extensions. The different types of ad extensions are as follows:

  • Device Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Contact Extension etc.

As far as the question is concerned, the cupcake shop is almost inaccessible to the general public since it is not really in sight of people.

The shop’s exact location is not really in the open of San Francisco. Thus, having a Location Extension is extremely helpful since the shop will be extremely accessible. People will not face a lot of trouble locating the same.

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