Your Client Kevin Works for A Retailer that Sells Eco–friendly Products. He Wants to Attract an Audience with An Established Interest in His Message. What Type of Targeting Would You Recommend?

Your client Kevin works for a retailer that sells eco–friendly products. He wants to attract an audience with an established interest in his message. What type of targeting would you recommend?

  • Contextual product targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • The “Green Living Enthusiasts” affinity audience
  • Gender targeting

Right Answer:

  • The “Green Living Enthusiasts” affinity audience


A Custom affinity audience is essentially an audience which can be created yourself. You can build tailored audiences for your business based on your users or customers’ most recent search behavior.

  • Google will create a list of audiences who have likely visited websites or searched keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • For example, if you are running any shoe company, people who are searching for any marathons and any sportspersons will be targeted and your business ads will be shown and made visible to those people.

This was all started when Google started using the data collected through many people’s search, queries, keywords etc. It introduced a new feature called a pre-defined audience based on people’s search history.

Google released many of those audiences and they were originally designed to develop the big brands to get more reach and more engagement from the audiences.

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