You’re Seeking an Ad Format to Support Influencing Consideration for Your Brand. You’d Also Like the Ad to Automatically Adjusts Its Size, Appearance, and Format to Fit Available Ad Spaces and Better Fit Content Users Came to See. Which Ad Format Suits These Needs?

You’re seeking an ad format to support influencing consideration for your brand. You’d also like the ad to automatically adjusts its size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces and better fit content users came to see. Which ad format suits these needs?

  • Responsive ads
  • Lightbox ads
  • TrueView ads
  • Standard image ads

Right Answer:

  • Responsive ads


You can show your ads to customers across the Display Network in an easier way by creating responsive display ads. These ads are asset-based, and automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces.

With the help of the assets you define which are included of Logos, Headlines, Images, and Descriptions, Google automatically generates your ad as the ad spaces become available by using the multiple assets you upload to optimize for the best performance. Responsive display ads can show as almost any size text, image, or native format.

If you create a creative responsive display ad by associating a feed with your responsive display ad and its campaign, then you should keep the following points in your mind:

  • If you include a formatted price in your input feed, then it will be used instead of the price prefix you add in Google Ads when creating up your ad.
  • Because these ads show as more sizes than your dynamic feed images can fit too, your ads may not always use images from your feed.
  • Not all assets will appear when your ads show. Sometimes your ads may show without images to increase your reach across the Display Network by displaying only the text or the content of the ad.

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