A Client Wants to Get More Clicks on His Ad and Also Raise His Quality Score. Which of These Actions May Get Him More Clicks but Won’t Raise His Quality Score?

A client wants to get more clicks on his ad and also raise his Quality Score. Which of these actions may get him more clicks but won’t raise his Quality Score?

  • Improving a lower-level page on his website
  • Adding an extension
  • Using the Shopping ad format
  • Reducing prices on his inventory

Right Answer:

  • Adding an extension


Extensions are the glistening add-ons that you have in your website or app or a specific product/service’s page. These are into customer appointment, which in turn lead you to a better click-through rate most of the time. Extensions are quite engaging in nature. Thus, the viewers feel drawn towards these.

The usual extensions are:

  • Call buttons
  • Location information
  • Links to specific parts of your website
  • Additional text etc.

Extensions usually give the Ads better visibility. Since a lot of content goes into setting up of one, it usually makes a far more impact with respect to your Ad compared to a normal Ad that gets displayed on the website or search results.

There are two types of Extensions as discussed above:

  • Manual Extensions
  • Automated Extensions

There is no extra cost to add extensions to your Ad. Those are completely free of cost. You will have to pay for your Ads normally as you do.

The basic extensions that will be extremely helpful to you are as follows:

  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Click to Text Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Review Extensions

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