A Florist Is Advertising 5 Types of Bouquets, Including Those with Roses. Which Landing Page Is More Likely to Convert to A Sale when Someone Searches on “roses”?

A florist is advertising 5 types of bouquets, including those with roses. Which landing page is more likely to convert to a sale when someone searches on “roses”?

  • The home page, showing 5 types of bouquets that include roses
  • The “Contact us” page
  • The page showing rose bouquets
  • The page on which people can sign up for coupons

Right Answer:

  • The page showing rose bouquets



Landing Page can be described as the final destination for a consumer set by the advertiser themselves. A landing page is the last point or website where the advertiser wants the consumer to end on.

This is exactly what one means by Landing Page.

  • For each ad, you stipulate a final URL to circumscribe the landing page where people are apprehended when they click your ad.
  • Google’s policy is that your landing page and display URL (the webpage that is shown in your ad) must share the same domain.
  • Your landing page experience is one of the various factors that aid circumscribe a keyword’s Quality Score.
  • The experience of a landing page is exemplified by such things as the utility and pertinence of information provided on the page, ease of navigation for the user, and how many links are on the page.

Unless your Ad is visually or textually appealing enough, you won’t get a lot of clicks to your landing page. Your ad is successful only if the consumer takes time to visit your landing page.

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