According to 2015 Google Trends Data, Which Term Would Consumers on Mobile Phones Be Most Likely to Type in A Search Engine?

According to 2015 Google Trends data, which term would consumers on mobile phones be most likely to type in a search engine?

  • Shoe store sales
  • Shoe store addresses
  • Shoe stores near me
  • Great shoe stores

Right Answer:

  • Shoe stores near me


Google Trends is a feature in Google Ads, which shows an advertiser how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s Search Engine by the Internet users over a given period of time. This feature can be used for comparative keyword search and to discover event-triggered spikes in the Keyword search volume. Google Trends also provides all the keyword related data to an advertiser including the search volume index.

Google Trends also have the geographical information of all search engine users in the data it provides to the Advertisers. One can easily explore the Google Trends from top to bottom by visiting the Tool in Google ads and can get to know which searches are trending currently, then digging for the topic to get more information. You can be able to use the Google Trends data for the following marketing purposes.

  • In Paid Search: You can use Google Trends to inform your seasonal campaigns, helping with inventory stocking as well.
  • For SEO and Content Marketing: You can use Google Trends to learn what people are searching for on the web.
  • To Inspire your ad Creative: You can browse Google Trends to see what topics are currently capturing the public imagination.

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