According to Google Data, Among Consumers Who Conduct a Local Search on Their Smartphone, how Many Then Visit a Store Within a Day?

According to Google data, among consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone, how many then visit a store within a day?

  • About 10%
  • Nearly everyone who’s ready to buy
  • About 50%
  • About 20%

Right Answer:

  • About 50%


To get the more information about your ads and their results, visit the Google Insights tab in your dashboard. Generally, the views for your ad will be displayed on your dashboard. The views are for the past 28 days. Also, these insights will give you an idea of how people find your business listing on your web.

The Google Insights will give you the data of how many customers have found you and how they found you. The following are the ways through which a customer can be able to reach your business.

  • Direct Searches – A customer who directly searched for your business name or address.
  • Discovery Searches – A Customer searched for a category, product or service.
  • Branded Searches – A Customer searched for your brand or brand related to your business.
  • Total Searches – The total number of direct, discovery, and branded searches.

You can download insights for multiple listings to a spreadsheet. It’s one of the easiest ways to see how different chain locations are performing on Google Search and Maps. If you haven’t enabled your listings for download, you may ee ‘***’  in the columns of your bulk Insights spreadsheet.

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