After Searching for Shoes, Sean Clicks on An Ad Promoting a Sale on Sneakers, Which Has Several Pop-Ups. What Should the Advertiser Do to Improve Sean’s Experience? – (yeah, Please Explain Yourselves!)

After searching for shoes, Sean clicks on an ad promoting a sale on sneakers, which has several pop-ups. What should the advertiser do to improve Sean’s experience?

  • Remove all but one of the pop-ups
  • Ensure that the pop-ups get Sean’s attention
  • Remove the pop-ups
  • Ensure that the pop-ups relate to the search

Right Answer:

  • Remove the pop-ups


With the help of a website, you can be able to educate your visitors about your product and services you provide them online or in your stores. All the detailed info such as what it does, why it does, where you can get it etc through your website.

One should also take care while designing their website because you should build them user-friendly by not overdoing it. Because users won’t have more patience to go through all pages on your website and read all the content contained in all of those pages. Using minimalism can be effective for your website look as it is the present trend in website designing. Using pop-ups on your website can be more advantageous for you in the following ways.

  • They always grab the attention of the audience when they go through your website.
  • They draw the eyes of users to what’s most important on that website.
  • They are so much versatile compared to other features.
  • They keep the website clean and can give you more conversions than usual.

These Pop-ups are also used in Mobile on the first page of a mobile user’s visit. But you should make sure to design the pop-ups just look as good as the remaining of your website. Keep them very short and to the point by being more responsive to the User clicks.

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