An Ad Group Contains the Phrase-Matched Keyword “Underwater Camera.” Which Search Query May Trigger an Ad in This Ad Group to Be Shown?

An ad group contains the phrase-matched keyword “underwater camera.” Which search query may trigger an ad in this ad group to be shown?

  • underwater digital camera
  • underwater lens camera
  • camera for use under water
  • underwater camera case

Right Answer:

  • underwater camera case


Phrase Match is a keyword setting in which you will only be able to show your ad from your ad campaign to a specific group of people. That specific group of viewers need to type the exact phrase while going ahead with their search query.

If not for the exact phrase, they can also go ahead with close variations to the phrase that you have submitted as a keyword phrase. They can also add a few words before or after the phrase that you have mentioned in your ad campaign.

There are a bunch of types of close variations. These will be taken into consideration by the Google Ads algorithm. Those are as follows:

  • misspellings
  • singular and plural forms
  • acronyms
  • stemming
  • abbreviations
  • accents

This specific type of keyword match setting is not set in default usually. Broad match is the one that is set in default by Google in your ads. The latter usually gives you the most number of viewers as far as all the keyword match settings are concerned. In the second place, comes Phrase Match keyword setting.

Hence, you need to think about it and go ahead with the correct option. If you want more audience, then brace yourself for a much larger percentage of irrelevancy as well. Thus, pick your poison accordingly.

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