An Advertiser Who Sells Designer Dresses Is Selecting a Landing Page to Pair with Ads for A Collection of Spring Dresses. a Good Landing Page Would Show:

An advertiser who sells designer dresses is selecting a landing page to pair with ads for a collection of spring dresses. A good landing page would show:

  • spring dresses in several colors
  • top-selling dresses for all seasons
  • a single best-selling dress
  • a catalog of spring and summer dresses

Right Answer:

  • spring dresses in several colors


When it comes to advertisements, those should have the best look and must contain the most precise information ever possible. A successful advertisement is bound to have an eye-catchy tagline along with the most relatable display property that helps a viewer out on deciding what needs to be done to purchase the product.

There are several things that are linked with a good advertisement such as:

  • Crisp description
  • Relatable image
  • A candid landing page etc.

As the question suggests, the designer needs to have a landing page for which she wants the closest advertisement possible. Thus, they can go ahead with the ad that focuses on spring dresses in several colors. By doing the same, it is clear that the spring dresses are in focus now and the landing page is not misleading enough. Being trustworthy is half the battle won as far as the consumer is concerned.

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