Based on Google Ads Editorial and Professional Requirements, Which Headline Is Most Likely to Generate Clicks?

Based on Google Ads editorial and professional requirements, which headline is most likely to generate clicks?

  • “We sell custom t-shirts!”
  • “Design Your Own T-shirt”
  • “Custom Tees, Click Here”
  • “Free shipping on CuStOm Ts”

Right Answer:

  • “Design Your Own T-shirt”


As the question itself suggests, Google Ads editorial and professional requirements talk about the various rules and regulations that you need to follow before putting up your ad in your concerned ad campaign.

These are extremely useful since it lets you engage with the audience a bit more than the usual text or display ads which are visible on the search and display networks respectively.

Focusing on the question now, it explains us about a website which works on customized T-shirts. As we can see, the second option is the correct answer.

The main reason behind this is that this specific option gives the viewer or the consumer the chance to take things into their own hands, literally. The ability to make the viewer believe that they will be the one engaging with the design procedure gives them that little edge compared to a normal text ad.

As explained before, this type of headline brings in the engagement factor among the viewers. However, you need to make sure that you are not going ahead with these particular measures since these are prohibited according to Google Ads:

  • Difficulty in manoeuvring the content
  • Frustrating spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Irrelevant content
  • Unclear viewpoint in images

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