Dustin Wants to Write a Great Text Ad that Will Get People’s Attention when They’re Searching on Google. What Should He Do to Generate the Most Clicks?

Dustin wants to write a great text ad that will get people’s attention when they’re searching on Google. What should he do to generate the most clicks?

  • Include his business address in the ad text
  • Put the ad headline in all capital letters
  • Include his keywords in the ad text
  • Put special characters in the ad headline

Right Answer:

  • Include his keywords in the ad text



For your ad Campaign to be successful, you have to select the right keyword list for your ad campaign which might actually help to show your ads to the right customers every time. For the Keyword list to be perfect, your keywords from the list should match the terms your potential customers would use to find your products or services.

  • For one to create the right Keyword list, you have to write down the main categories in your business at first.
  • After listing them out, write down the terms and phrases that might actually fall down under each of those categories.
  • After that, include the terms or phrases which are usually used generally by your customers while they search for your products or services.

If you want to target specific customers then you should be creating a specific set of keywords which may directly relate to your ad’s theme. But this can be more effective if the customer is much interested in a particular product. Using more specific keywords will mean that your ad appears only for those who are interested in your products and might actually reach as many people as you would like.

But if you want to reach more categories of people you just have to include the general set of keywords which are mostly used by different categories fo people.

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