Dynamic Search Ads Would Be Most Helpful For:

Dynamic search ads would be most helpful for:

  • moving an ad’s position dynamically in whatever direction a person’s eyes are looking
  • campaigns that need to reduce exposure on competitive keywords
  • a global, online clothing retailer that changes its inventory seasonally
  • a local restaurant with a dynamically changing menu that offers fresh, new entrees every day

Right Answer:

  • a global, online clothing retailer that changes its inventory seasonally



Dynamic Ads, as the name itself suggests, is pretty much an intuitive ad campaign that will lead the consumer purely on their interest to your landing page itself. It is a measure of gaining a potential customer simply because they are interested in something you are offering.

This is a consumer-driven procedure. At times, when you have not mentioned the exact keyword to the consumers online, their searches will be taken into consideration. After this, the algorithm will select your landing page based on the characteristics of the said consumer and lead them.

However, it is up to you to be absolutely crystal clear with your landing page. If the consumer comes to your landing page and doesn’t convert your ad, then it will be a bad sign for your ad campaign and you will lose the chance of gaining more potential consumers from that point of time onwards.

The targeting works in these particular ways:

  • Landing pages from your standard ad groups
  • Categories
  • Page Feed

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