Each of These Are Benefits You’d Expect from Shopping Ads Except:

Each of these are benefits you’d expect from Shopping ads except:

  • ease of targeting without needing keywords
  • more traffic and leads
  • free listings
  • better-qualified leads

Right Answer:

  • free listings



Free listings is a particular section of business listings where quite a few businesses of a specific category are listed on Google Networks where the ads or paid listings are mentioned.

These are completely free to be displayed on both the Google Networks, that is, the Search Network and the Display Network respectively, where the viewers’ count is separated accordingly.

The features of free listings are as follows:

  • These show up beneath the paid listings
  • These do not have the Google Guarantee badge
  • These are only available for certain categories
  • These are only accessible to advertisers in select locations

As you can see, the first point says that the free listings are usually visible under the paid listings on the Google Network. Since the former comes with a price, hence it is given a higher priority.

The free listings do not have the Google Guarantee badge. These are not verified by Google. Hence, Google doesn’t ascertain the authenticity of these listings.

Finally, these are only available to advertisers on a select few categories as well as locations. Since these are not part of the whole ecosystem, the most common markets only have these free listings in place.

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