Hannah Is Having a Sale. in Her Ads, She Wants to Include the Amount of Time Left in The Sale. What’s the Best Way to Do This?

Hannah is having a sale. In her ads, she wants to include the amount of time left in the sale. What’s the best way to do this?

  • Insert the Google Ads clock icon in each ad
  • Note the sale end date in the text
  • Use the “Countdown” function
  • Use the “Sale duration” function

Right Answer:

  • Use the “Countdown” function



The countdown function, as we all know, specifies about an upcoming event in the form of a countdown in any given ad from your ad campaign. The countdown can be mentioned in your ad which will give the viewer the much-needed information for the upcoming scheme of things.

A countdown is considered more than a simple message because anything to do with limited time in hands, human beings start acting other than their normal self. They will feel engaged and intrigued to get hold of that particular service or product in case they are interested in it.

In order to go ahead with the countdown function, make sure you follow these steps correctly:

  • Edit your ad precisely
  • Trigger the countdown widget
  • Set time zone and language
  • Set the countdown and save your ad

These are the most basic steps with which one can explain the same. Follow the link given above for more details.

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