If Your Campaign’s Daily Budget Is Us$20, how Much of Your Budget Can Be Spent to Show Your Ads on Certain Days, Based on Fluctuations in Traffic?

If your campaign’s daily budget is US$20, how much of your budget can be spent to show your ads on certain days, based on fluctuations in traffic?

  • Up to US$24
  • Up to US$30
  • Up to US$21
  • Up to US$20

Right Answer:

  • Up to US$24



Daily Budget is defined as the amount that you set for each ad campaign to specify how much you would like to spend each day. As per the average daily budget you set for each Google Ads Campaign, the system will aim to show to your ad to users as much as possible to meet your daily budget.

When your daily budget is reached then your ads will typically stop showing or promoting your ads online for that day. But how long you want to show your ads during a given day is depended on the delivery option you set for that ad campaign.

  • It is always possible that you will be charged less or more than your average daily budget amount on that given day.
  • But it will be sorted and will be made even by the end of the month. This is called overdelivery.

 For ad campaigns where you pay for conversions, your daily spend may exceed your average daily budget by more than 2 times. For some campaigns which are paused in the middle of the month or that otherwise don’t run for a full month, you will see discrepancies between your average daily budget and your total budget for the ad campaigns.

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