If You’re Currently Using Text, Display, and Video Ads but Also Want to More Specifically Control Spending on Ads that Appear when Someone Searches on Google, Which Additional Campaign Type Would You Choose?

If you’re currently using text, display, and video ads but also want to more specifically control spending on ads that appear when someone searches on Google, which additional campaign type would you choose?

  • Search Network
  • Search Network with Display opt-in
  • Universal App
  • Display Network

Right Answer:

  • Search Network



The “Search Network with Display Select” is an amalgamation of “Search Network only” and “Display Network only” AdWords campaign types. With this option you get the best of both sections–your ads can show with search results on the Search Network, and appropriate placements within the Display Network.

The Search Network with Display Opt-in campaign is a standard one like Search Network Only opt and have all the features such as Google Search Results, Search partner sites and Google Display network sites and video. The campaign accepts all types of ad formats such as Text ads, Image Display Ads, Display Builder Ads and App/Digital Content Ads.

The targeting options that are listed under the “Search Network with Display Select”  are

  • Keywords
  • Remarketing list with search only
  • Placements
  • Site category options.

However, as the name suggests, Search Network would only give you the viewing options for the concerned consumer or viewer on a relevant Search Results page. It will not show you the options for the Display Network one. It means that your Ad will not be a part of the Display Network world such as YouTube etc.

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