In Order to Differentiate Ads from Those of Competitors, Advertisers Should:

In order to differentiate ads from those of competitors, advertisers should:

  • use special characters, such as asterisks or hashtags
  • use exclamation points and words in all capital letters
  • mention competitor offers and prices
  • include prices and promotions

Right Answer:

  • include prices and promotions


Include price and promotion – Why? it gives a clear about the user who is searching for your product.  Mentioning the price for users make it easy for them about the price, and chances of Higher CTR. Promotions or offers will also impact the chance of high CTR.

For Example:

A person needs to sell his Mobile phones on his eCommerce website. So he just generated the Search Text Ad to maximize the bidding option. Since the bidding is it maximize there might be a chance that his ad will always show in the first position.

In order to make it differentiate compare with your competitors as per given questions, you just need to include the promotions and price. This how is stand out the competition without maximizing the bidding secure high CTR even when you were at the second position.

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