Return on Investment (roi) Information Can Help You Manage a Client’s Campaign by Helping You Determine how To:

Return on investment (ROI) information can help you manage a client’s campaign by helping you determine how to:

  • adjust your client’s budget
  • optimize your client’s keywords
  • optimize your client’s ad text
  • All of the listed answers are correct

Right Answer:

  • All of the listed answers are correct


In order to reduce your budget spend, you should increase the conversions for your ad campaign. So, to handle these type of issues you need to check the performance once in a while which is known as Return of investment (ROI). So, if you want to determine ROI for your ad campaigns use the following formula,

  • ROI = (Revenue – Cost of sold goods)/ Cost of Sold Goods

At the campaign level, the ROI will be the valuable baseline for your optimization decisions than simply assigning a budget and waiting to see what happens. The budget should be informed by the Returns you are getting and not by the other way around. You know that Google Ads is more ROI friendly than Traditional Advertising.

We can divide the search campaigns into four main groups as Top of Funnel, Bottom of Funnel, Branded, and Competitor. In here, ROI is going to be the one which will be looking after each one mentioned above. With the help of ROI, you can know where you should be seeing your greatest return.

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