Roxanne’s Online Estate-Jewelry Sales Are Lagging Despite Running a Great Text Ad. What Else Might She Do to Drive Sales?

Roxanne’s online estate-jewelry sales are lagging despite running a great text ad. What else might she do to drive sales?

  • Use the Shopping ad format
  • Increase the number of keywords in each ad group
  • Add a location extension to her ad
  • Increase her maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid

Right Answer:

  • Use the Shopping ad format


Just as the question expresses, Roxanne committed a mistake when she promoted her estate-jewelry products with the help of a text advertisement.

Some of the benefits of having a Shopping Ad instead of a normal text Ad are as follows:

  • Descriptions
  • Pictorial Representations
  • Proper call-to-action options etc.

Now when someone is interested to buy some product online, they will have a look at the product itself. Having a text Ad for a product that you are about to sell will not make an impact in the minds of a customer. Besides, a text Ad will not help the cause of detailing when it comes to products that you want to sell.

Thus, a Shopping Ad format is much better when a product is promoted.

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