Search Terms Report Data Shows that People Who Click on Ads Promoting Your Prescription Glasses Were Searching for Terms Like “wine Glasses” and “drinking Glasses.” Which Might You Add as Negative Keywords to Prevent Your Ads from Showing on Such Searches?

Search terms report data shows that people who click on ads promoting your prescription glasses were searching for terms like “wine glasses” and “drinking glasses.” Which might you add as negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing on such searches?

  • “glasses” and “wine”
  • “drinking” and “glasses”
  • “wine” and “drinking”
  • “prescription” and “glasses”

Right Answer:

  • “wine” and “drinking”


Using the Search Console, one can get an overview of the performance of the website in Google’s Organic search results which are non-paid ones. This report is called Search Analytics which shows the search queries people uses to click through your website.

  • One can always read the reports of the Google Search Console and can use it to improve your website’s non-paid Google Search Results and website marketing in general.
  • If you want to access the report, then you need to log into the Search Console and then click “Search Traffic” in the navigation bar.
  • Within this menu option, Search Analytics will be the first report which will be listed.

This report will give access you to have a look at data from all possible perspectives i.e, by using the filter options such as Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices and Search Type etc. You can also customize the data range in this report.

Unlike the Google Analytics, Search Console will only show you the search query data for the last 90 days. But the data always differ from what you see in the Search Console compared with what you see in the Google Analytics.

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