Small-Business Owner Marcos Set up His Google Ads Campaign by Thinking of “Obvious” Keywords Off of The Top of His Head. What’s One Way He Might Improve Them?

Small-business owner Marcos set up his Google Ads campaign by thinking of “obvious” keywords off of the top of his head. What’s one way he might improve them?

  • See the suggestions on the Keywords page
  • See the suggestions on the Opportunities page
  • Stick with the current keywords for 2 months to collect enough viable data
  • Click the “Automatic keyword refresh” button

Right Answer:

  • See the suggestions on the Opportunities page


Recommendations are basically the tweakers of the ad community in the massive world of Google. Recommendations page go through your settings, your history of ads and the conversions. Based on those statistics, the recommendations page helps your ad campaign manifold.

Each recommendation implements customized proposals to improve boost your campaigns’ execution. Recommendations can interject you to new, appropriate specialities, assist you to get further out of your budget by perfecting your bids, keywords, and ads, and can work to increase the overall performance and efficiency of your campaigns.

The recommendations page helps you as an advertiser in many possible ways. Those are described below in points:

  • See performance estimates based on historical data
  • Make improvements without spending a lot of time
  • Keeps your campaign fresh

Basically, you can conclude the fact that recommendations page keeps your campaign updated to the latest time period available. By doing so, the relevancy factor increases a lot as far as the viewer is concerned.

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