Someone Searches on “Laptop Computers” and Clicks an Ad. Which Landing Page Would Be Most Relevant?

Someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. Which landing page would be most relevant?

  • A page showing both laptops and desktops
  • A page showing a tablet
  • A computer store homepage
  • A page showing laptops

Right Answer:

  • A page showing laptops


Landing Page Experience is a measure that Google Ads handles to assess how appropriate and beneficial your website’s landing page will be to consumers who click your ad. Landing pages with eminent ratings are usually well adapted and have text that correlates to a person’s search terms.

The landing page experience status specifies whether your landing page is plausible to afford a decent exposure to customers who click your ad and land on your website. You can handle this status to benefit catalog landing pages that might be troubling your chances of making conversions like sales or sign-ups.

You should make sure your landing page is transparent and serviceable to customers, and that is cognate to your keyword and what customers are scrutinizing for. All these constituents can play a role in settling your landing page experience status.

Your keywords can beget one of three statuses: above average, average, or below average.

  • An “average” or “above average” status means that there are no significant problems with this keyword’s landing page experience when compared to all other keywords across Google Ads.
  • A “below average” status means that you might want to acknowledge some reforms to enhance your website’s landing page.

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