The Automated “Maximize Clicks” Bid Strategy Attempts to Get Advertisers the Most:

The automated “Maximize clicks” bid strategy attempts to get advertisers the most:

  • clicks for their daily budget
  • impressions for their daily budget
  • conversions based on their conversion goals
  • impressions in their preferred position range

Right Answer:

  • clicks for their daily budget


Maximize clicks can be regarded as a type of Automated Bidding. As we all know, automated bidding is the method where Google will fix your bids automatically be contingent on the daily budget allocation you have on a given campaign.

This thing generally happens whenever you do not have a set bid rid for your ads according to your campaign. Google Ads will automatically set the bid as per the budget constraints that you have.

By doing this, Google can easily accommodate your ads on both the networks namely:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network

Your ads will be displayed to the maximum number of consumers as perfectly as possible. With this, you won’t have to worry a lot about spending your money pointlessly with nobody watching or interacting with your Ads.

The Return on Investment will be perfect if this is done unless you manually bid for each ad from your own side. It has its own downsides since the reach of your ads in your Ad Campaign is not optimized particularly. On a large scale of things, you will lose a lot of audiences simply because of the mismatch in timing of the ads or the placement of the ads.

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