The Owners of A Coffeehouse Would Like to Run an “afternoon Espresso” Promotion to Increase Sales on Weekdays. Which Google Ads Feature Would Be Most Effective for Preventing Their Search Ads from Appearing at Night and On Weekends?

The owners of a coffeehouse would like to run an “afternoon espresso” promotion to increase sales on weekdays. Which Google Ads feature would be most effective for preventing their search ads from appearing at night and on weekends?

  • Managed Placements
  • Keyword Planner
  • Custom ad scheduling
  • Automatic Bidding

Right Answer:

  • Custom ad scheduling


Advertisers want their ad either to be shown whenever a customer searches online or perhaps they only want to show their ad only on certain days, certain business hours when they can be able to handle the customers’ inquiries at that time. Google Ads has introduced an option regarding the scheduling of your ads known as “Ad Scheduling”.

One can use the Ad Scheduling for the following the options:

  • You can specify a certain time for your ads to show to your users.
  • You can adjust your bids adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for specific days and times.

Google Ad Campaigns are set to show your ads “All day” by default which means your ads are eligible to appear all day for users. But if no one searches for your keywords, your ads are not going to be shown to other people. For you to check on the “Ad Scheduling” option in your Campaign settings tab, you should set your campaign subtype as “All Features” to use Ad Scheduling.

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