True or False: If You’d Prefer to Reach as Many People as Possible, Use Exact Match or Phrase Match Keywords.

True or false: If you’d prefer to reach as many people as possible, use exact match or phrase match keywords.

  • True
  • False

Right Answer:

  • False


Exact match keywords can be described as the type of keyword setting where consumers will find the exact keyword and close variants as well. This type of settings is generally used with most types of ad campaigns.

Advertisers are wary of exact match keywords. The return on investment is perfect, as far as the close variants of a chosen keyword are concerned.

Close variants may include:

  • Misspellings
  • Singular or plural forms
  • Stemming
  • Abbreviations
  • Accents
  • Reordered words with the same meaning
  • Addition or removal of function words.
  • Implied words
  • Synonyms and paraphrases
  • Same search intent

Close variants of exact match keywords assist you to correlate with people who are searching for your business – despite trivial modifications in the way they search—and decreases the need to organise exhaustive keyword lists to communicate to these customers.

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