Which Automatically Expands Your Reach Based on Your Campaign’s Conversion History to Help Get as Many Conversions as Possible?

Which automatically expands your reach based on your campaign’s conversion history to help get as many conversions as possible?

  • Google Analytics
  • Conservative targeting
  • Aggressive targeting
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool

Right Answer:

  • Aggressive targeting



Aggressive targeting or automatic targeting is a type of ad campaign promotion where your ad will be automatically optimized. The price to do so is same as that of a normal ad campaign on the Display Network. You specifically don’t have to spend more amount of money on doing the same.

You can also say that Aggressive targeting, as the name suggests, is a hyperactive form of promotion for the same amount of money that you are going to spend normally otherwise.

This is pretty much like a supplement to your targeting than what you would get in return normally. Usually, aggressive targeting is opted by advertisers because of these particular reasons:

  • Find more customers
  • Identify the best targeting to reach your most likely customers
  • Increase reach without increasing bids or cost per customer

The different types of aggressive targeting are as follows:

  • Remarketing
  • Availability
  • Smart Display Campaigns etc.

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