Which Statement About Ad Extensions Isn’t True?

Which statement about ad extensions isn’t true?

  • They can help improve the clickthrough rate
  • They tend to improve an ad’s visibility
  • They often appear below the organic search results
  • They show additional information about a business

Right Answer:

  • They often appear below the organic search results


Ad Extensions are mostly like an additional piece of information which expands your ad to make it more useful to you by showing much info about your business to customers. These extensions are generally included with the phone number, additional links from your business website, seller reviews or any offer introduced in your business, even the location of your business.

You can select an ad extension which will help your ad campaign by meeting your business goals. As a rule, there will no additional cost for taking the advantage of the Ad Extensions and its options. There are some ad extensions which are automated which automatically adds the extension to your ad which may include calling option, sitelink extensions.

The following are the ad extensions which are assets in the Google Ads account. Using any of them in your ad campaign might actually change the results fo your ad for better.

  • Sitelink Extensions – These take prospective customers directly to some landing page in your website.
  • Callout Extensions – These allow you to include additional descriptive text in your standard text ads.
  • Click to text Extensions – Provides an effective way for customers to get in touch with your business.
  • Call Extensions – Provides a convenient way for customers to call your business directly.
  • Review Extensions – Including reviews in your ad will increase the successful growth of your ad campaign.

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