Which Statement Is True?

Which statement is true?

  • Call-only ads are available exclusively on the Display Network
  • Call extensions send people to a landing page with a phone number
  • Ads with call extensions only let people call the business
  • Call-only ads only let people call the business

Right Answer:

  • Call-only ads only let people call the business



Call-only Ads are the ads that appear on a regular viewer’s screen which can only lead to a phone call to the concerned advertiser. The advertisers do not have anything else attached to their ads except for the all-important phone number.

Call-only Ads serve a great purpose in our lives without even the normal public knowing it. Having said that, call-only ads will appear on a device which supports phone calls, obviously. The devices are:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Phablet etc.

The ad will be displayed on the screen of a viewer like any other ad. The text that is related to the ad will explain the main motive of the advertiser and will lead you to them directly. With a single touch or click on your device, you will be able to call that particular advertiser from your device.

The Call-only Ads phenomenon is absolutely breathtaking since it reduces the degrees of freedom to basically one. There is no filter or barrier between you and the advertiser. You will be able to directly interact with the Advertiser and pour your heart out like anything. However, make sure that you are going ahead for the correct ad.

Misleading Ads will decrease the trust value in you among the consumers and you will start receiving less and less positive impacts from your ad campaign.

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