With Call Extensions, a Customer Who Searches for Thai Food on Her Mobile Phone Can See an Ad for A Thai Restaurant, Along with A Phone Number, and Make the Call with One Click. how Is that Priced?

With call extensions, a customer who searches for Thai food on her mobile phone can see an ad for a Thai restaurant, along with a phone number, and make the call with one click. How is that priced?

  • The same as when someone clicks on an ad 
  • Flat fee, based on the caller’s phone model
  • Negotiated in advance, with bulk discounts
  • By the minute, based on the length of the call

Right Answer:

  • The same as when someone clicks on an ad


Extensions, as we all know, is the best way possible to make the viewers interact with your business or firm. As an advertiser, it is the most beneficial way to get hold of the most number of viewers, out of which a handful will go on to become your future customers.

There are little to no filters between you and the customer who is interested to contact you. There are a bunch of extensions such as:

  • Contact Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Automatic Extensions etc.

When it comes to Call extensions, people will be able to contact you directly. By doing so, they will be able to interact and connect with you in a rather quick time.

Calling you once with the help of a Call Extension is counted as a single click only. Hence, the pricing for that is absolutely the same as that of the clicking on your Ads. You don’t have to pay more than the amount you normally pay for the Ads.

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