Yoon, Who Sells Designer Jeans, Has a Mobile App to Help Women Determine What Leg Style Looks Best on Their Body Type. What Could She Do to Bring in More Prospective Customers?

Yoon, who sells designer jeans, has a mobile app to help women determine what leg style looks best on their body type. What could she do to bring in more prospective customers?

  • Use site link extensions
  • Add a mobile-app extension to her ad
  • Add a call-only extension to her ad
  • Include a link to her mobile website in her ad

Right Answer:

  • Add a mobile-app extension to her ad



One of the Mobile App extensions in an ad are Call Extensions. One will create a Call Extension to showcase their phone number in their ads so that people who are displayed of those ads might actually get into touch with you personally just by calling you or by clicking on the extension in your ad.

When your call extensions show on your ad, people can either call your business with just a tap or can be redirected to your business website. These Call Extensions can give you more chances to get and track most valuable conversions.

If you want to create an ad with call extension then just follow the below steps to do that.

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Select the account, campaign or an ad group to which you want to ad call extension.
  • Go to the “Ad Extensions” tab and choose “Call Extensions” from the view menu.
  • Enter your phone number by clicking on “+Extension”.
  • You can either select or add your Phone number.

To have this call extension preferred over your other call extensions on mobile devices check “Mobile” next to “Device preference.” You also can change the limit when the phone number will be eligible to appear in your ad. After all of this Click “Save”.

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