You Have a Budget of Us$75 per Day for Your Client’s Search Campaign, and You’d Like to Set a Maximum Cost-Per-Click (max. Cpc) Bid of Us$1. how Can You Validate that This Is the Right Bid Amount for Getting the Most Clicks?

You have a budget of US$75 per day for your client’s Search campaign, and you’d like to set a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of US$1. How can you validate that this is the right bid amount for getting the most clicks?

  • Raise your max. CPC to US$3 to cover possible competitive bids
  • Try various CPC amounts to determine the average
  • Use bid simulators to see CPC estimates
  • Bid across multiple ad groups to determine the average

Right Answer:

  • Use bid simulators to see CPC estimates


Google Ads had a feature called Bid Simulator which takes some of the guesswork out of Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding by estimating the number of impressions you could have got for your ad if you had used a different max.CPC bidding. For your ad performance to get better, you should use this Bid Simulator to arrive at the most profitable bid by following the below steps in total.

  • Determine your Max CPA which can be a profit to you.
  • Also, Determine your Conversion rate for your ad campaign.
  • Calculate your value per Click.
  • Adjust your bids so your Cost Per Click will be equal to Incremental Cost Per Click (ICC).

One should use this to get a report of the marginal benefit in areas where the keyword auction is fierce. If there is any moderate activity in the bid range then this Bid Simulator can be the only possible most useful tool you can get in Google Ads.

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